Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Board Briefs for Monday, May 13, 2019 Regular Meeting

The Board of Education of the Muscatine Community School District met in regular session on Monday, May 13, 2019, at 7 p.m. at City Hall. President Tammi Drawbaugh called the meeting to order. Directors John Dabeet, Aaron Finn, Nathan Mather, Toby McCarter, Randy Naber, and Mary Wildermuth were present. Also present were Superintendent Jerry Riibe and Director of Finance Tom Anderson.

  1. The Board recited the Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Visitors and media representatives were welcomed.
  3. No one spoke during Citizen Speaks.
  4. Muscatine High School student council representatives provided a student council update of recent and upcoming activities.
  5. Muscatine Schools Outstanding Employees for May were recognized Ashley Patterson-Martinez, Deb Fisk, Katelyn Howell, Sue Jensen, and Cathy Kramer. 
  6. Board Goals/Targets Report:
    1. Wendy Donald and Sue Jensen presented the CMS Student Project “Muskie Spirit Jewelry Designs.” 
  7. The consent agenda was approved as follows:
    1. The minutes of April 8, 2019, Regular Meeting.
    2. Employment Recommendations:
      1. New Hires - Certified Staff: Megan Cleveland, Spanish teacher, MHS; Natalie Fobian, 6th Grade, McKinley; Kristen Harold, 6th Grade, Madison; Megan Privratsky, Early Childhood Special Education, MELC; Anna Rauenbuehler, 1st Grade, Mulberry; Spencer Shepherd, P.E., MHS; Andrew Ward, Project Search Coordinator, MHS; Alison Warren, Science teacher, MHS; Logan Wilson, Guidance Counselor, McKinley.
      2. Resignations - Certified Staff (all effective at end of 2018-19 academic year): Joyce Blitsch, ESL, WMS; Jordan Chambliss, 2nd Grade, Franklin; Benjamin Deuerling, Industrial Tech, MHS; Jonathan Eves, Social Studies, WMS; Melissa Maloney, SPED Strat II, Jefferson; Taylor Massey, English/Language Arts, MHS; Rachel Philipps, Guidance Counselor, Colorado; Andrea Sitzmann, 2nd Grade, Grant; Elizabeth Vogeler, 1st Grade, Mulberry.
      3. New Hires - Schedule C: Robert Gaunt, Softball Assistant, MHS; Jennifer Haag, Softball Assistant, MHS; Nicholas Swanson, Baseball Assistant, MHS; Jason Stoltzfus, Track Assistant, MHS; Molly Carroll, Show Choir, MHS; Adrian Sanchez, Boys Soccer Assistant, MHS.
      4. Resignations - Schedule C (effective at end of 2018-19 academic year): Justin Johnson, Science Dept Curriculum Coordinator, MHS; Abigail Lange, Assistant Pom Pon, MHS; Ricardo Leza, Boys Soccer Assistant, MHS; Travis Morgan, Boys Basketball, MHS; Derek Schipper, MS Football, WMS; Ashley Sink, Head Cheer, MHS; Randy Rosa, Baseball, MHS.
      5. Resignations - Administrators: Susan O’Donnell, Principal, WMS.
      6. Retirements - Administrators: Mike Morgan, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, MHS.
    3. Bills and Claims Against the District dated May 13, 2019.
    4. The Special Education Contracts with Iowa City Community School District (student i.d. # *4478, *9744).
    5. Student Teaching Agreement with Iowa Wesleyan University.
    6. Driver’s Education Contract with Mississippi Bend AEA for 2020-21.
    7. Athletic Sharing Agreements for the 2019-20 school year:
      1. Boys’ Tennis with Wilton and Louisa-Muscatine.
      2. Boys’ Soccer with Durant, Wilton, and Louisa-Muscatine
      3. Boys’ Swimming with Durant, Wilton, and Louisa-Muscatine
      4. Boys’ Bowling with West Liberty
      5. Girls’ Bowling with West Liberty
      6. Girls’ Soccer with Wilton, Louisa-Muscatine, Durant
      7. Girls’ Tennis with Wilton, Louisa-Muscatine, Durant
      8. Girls’ Swimming and Diving with Wilton, Louisa-Muscatine, Durant, and West Liberty
  8. Approved the Memorandum of Understanding between the Muscatine Community School District and the Muscatine Education Association regarding the duration of the Agreement of the Master Contract to extend through June 30, 2022.
  9. Approved the Award of Contract to Heuer Construction, Inc. for the Madison Parking Lot Improvement Project in the amount of $127,303.50
  10. Approved the Award of Contract for Facility Improvements to Colorado School (Muscatine Early Learning Center) to Precision Builders in the amount of $291,700
  11. Approved the the Award of Contract for the Muscatine High School Science/STEM Addition to Bush Construction Company, Inc. in the amount of $7,535,500 which includes Alternate Numbers 2 ($24,900 ADD), 3 ($13,000 ADD), 4 ($108,600 ADD), 5 ($20,100 ADD), 6 ($5,400), 7 ($19,000), and 8 ($0.00 ADD).
    1. The storm shelter issue was discussed noting an agreeable conclusion has been determined between the MCSD and City of Muscatine.
  12. Approved the Fiscal Agent Agreement between Early Childhood Iowa Muscatine County and Muscatine Community School District for three years.
  13. Approved directing the superintendent to provide suicide education training to all employees prior to October 1, 2019, as prescribed by Iowa statute.
  14. Approved the Tentative List of Graduates for the Class of 2019. 
  15. Approved the non-union bargaining personnel salary increase of 2.5% for the 2019-2020 school year. All ayes; motion carried.
  16. Motion died due to lack of a second to authorize the expenditure of general/categorical fund monies for non-MCSD students attending College for Kids at a rate comparable to MCSD students who reside within the boundaries of the Muscatine Community School District. 
  17. The first reading on policy 201.4 Elections to the Board was held.
  18. The financials for the months of January and February 2019 were presented.
  19. The following events/meetings were announced:
    1. May 15, 2019, Senior Awards Night; 6:30 p.m.; MHS Auditorium
    2. May 18, 2019, Stringfest 2019; 7 p.m.; MHS Auditorium
    3. May 20, 2019, MHS Band Awards; 6 p.m.; MHS Cafeteria
    4. May 23, 2019, Senior’s Last Day
    5. May 26, 2019, The Class of 2019 Graduates; 2 p.m.; MHS Gymnasium
    6. May 27, 2019, Memorial Day - No School
    7. June 3, 2019, Muskie Heart of Learning - Celebration of Service; 6 p.m.; MCSD Administration Center
    8. June 5, 2019, Last Day for Students; 2-hour Early Dismissal
    9. June 6, 2019, Last Day for Teachers
    10. June 10, 2019, School Board Meeting; 7 p.m.; City Hall
  20. The meeting adjourned at 8:47 p.m.
Watch this meeting via the district's YouTube Channel: