Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This Week in Our Schools 9/28-10/02

Scroll down to view pictures of students engaged in learning this past week throughout our district! We have a lot of exciting learning opportunities happening district-wide!

Table of Contents:


Mr. Kitzmann's Principles of Engineering students at MHS are making compound machines and calculating the total mechanical advantage they generate. (Return to Table of Contents)
Mrs. Thomas' Freshman Academy Science class students constructed molecular models in science class.  The class is studying how, using individual elements, they can use a model to explain how molecules can combine to form more complex molecules and, as a result, identify the basic structure and function of major biochemical molecules. (Return to Table of Contents)


2nd graders in Mrs. Foxen's art class are weaving paper for one of their art projects. (Return to Table of Contents)


Students in Mrs. Weeks' 2nd grade class danced to a video on GoNoodle while taking a "brain break" after a math lesson. (Return to Table of Contents)
Students in Mrs. Henderson's 2nd grade class are using the round robin strategy from QTEL to work out vocabulary definitions. (QTEL stands for Quality teaching for English Learners. It supports learning with unique approaches to engage students academic literacy and content knowledge.) (Return to Table of Contents)


Mrs. Foxen's 3rd grade art class at Madison are paper folding for the Kaleidoscope Project. (Return to Table of Contents)


Mrs. Evan's Kindergarten students did a unit this week on pancakes. They made real pancakes in their classrooms, colored their favorite kind of pancake, and then graphed the pancakes by flavors. Ask your student which pancake was the most popular and which kind of pancake was the least favorite! (Return to Table of Contents)

Mr. Carlson's 3rd grade students at Mulberry Elementary are investigating germinating seeds in science. (Return to Table of Contents)

Mrs. Steele's 5th grade science students at Mulberry Elementary released and observed worms in their natural habitat. (Return to Table of Contents)


Mrs. Hurlbut's 5th grade students were classifying leaves in Science! (Return to Table of Contents)


7th/8th grade sculpture students in Mr. Hayes' art class cut cardboard and paper and taped it for a letter sculpture. (Return to Table of Contents)

Mrs. Ralston's 8th grade Pre-Algebra class at West Middle School is working on identifying congruent angles through the use of their current vocabulary. (Return to Table of Contents)

Mr. Yerington's class measured and recorded the weather and reported the results to the rest of the class. (Return to Table of Contents)

8th graders in Mr. Rivera's class volunteered at the Veterans TEE Tournament to help visually impaired veterans hit golf balls, ride horses, kayak and fed them lunch. (Return to Table of Contents)