Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Board Briefs for Monday, April 8, 2019 Regular Meeting

The Board of Education of the Muscatine Community School District met in regular session on Monday, April 8, 2019, at 7 p.m. at City Hall. President Tammi Drawbaugh called the meeting to order. Directors John Dabeet, Nathan Mather, Toby McCarter, Randy Naber, and Mary Wildermuth were present. Director Aaron Finn was present via conference phone. Also present were Superintendent Jerry Riibe, Assistant Superintendent Mike McGrory, and Director of Finance Tom Anderson.
  1. The board, led by Boy Scout Troup 783, recited the Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Visitors and media representatives were welcomed.
  3. The public hearing for the purpose of certifying the FY 19 budget was held.
    1. There was no discussion and no oral or written comments were received.
  4. The public hearing for the purpose of the proposed plans, specifications, proposed form of contract and the estimated cost of said improvements for the Madison Elementary Parking Lot/Student Drop-Off Reconfiguration Project was held. 
    1. There was no discussion and no written or oral comments were received.
  5. Muscatine High School student council representatives provided a student council update.
  6. April's Outstanding Employees for April were recognized. They are Beth Gomez, Marsha Shingledecker, Belen Marquez, Gailia Spenner, and Keri Delzell. 
  7. Board Goals/Targets Report: 
    1. ACT data presentation.
    2. Proposed curriculum audit.
  8. The consent agenda was approved as follows:
    1. The Minutes of March 11, 2019, Regular Meeting.
    2. Employment Recommendations:
      1. New Hires - Certified Staff: Lindsay Clove, 5-6 Orchestra Teacher; Hudson Johnston, 6th-grade teacher, Madison; Amy Justus, English/Language Arts, CMS; Grant Pippert, Social Studies, MHS; Addam Rouse, 6th-grade teacher, Franklin; Hayley Yong-Druivenga, 6th-grade teacher, Jefferson.
      2. Resignations - Certified Staff (all effective at end of 2018-19 academic year): Benjamin Moehlmann, Science, MHS; Alexzandra Paulus, Instructional Coach/Special Education, MHS; Elizabeth Thomas, At-Risk Counselor, MHS; Christina Walker, Instructional Coach, CMS.
      3. New Hires - Schedule C: Ann Edkin, MS Track, CMS; Grant Pippert, Head Baseball, MHS; Alexandra Rauenbuehler, MS Track, WMS.
      4. Resignations - Schedule C (effective at end of 2018-19 academic year): Timothy Armstrong, Head Girls Cross Country and Track, MHS; Dakotah Summer, MS Curriculum Leader - ELA, WMS; Megan Stutzel, MS Curriculum Leader - Math, WMS.
      5. Resignations - Classified Professionals: Don Krings, Transportation Supervisor.
    3. Bills and Claims Against the District dated April 8, 2019.
    4. Special Education Contracts with Unity Point at Home (student i.d. # *8916), Columbus Community School District (student i.d. # *3339), and College Community School District (student i.d. # *0992).
  9. Approved the Proposed Plans, Specifications, Proposed Form of Contract, and the Estimated Cost of Said Improvements for the Madison Elementary Parking Lot/Student Drop-Off Reconfiguration Project
  10. Approved the purchase of two maintenance trucks in the amount of $63,348 from Krieger’s
  11. Approved the purchase of five buses from School Bus Sales in the amount of $519,584.00.  Capital Projects funds will be used for the purchase after July 1, 2019 (FY20 budget).
  12. Approved certifying the budget for the 2019-2020 School Year with a $13.82521 levy rate and budget of $91,028,102.
  13. Approved the School Fees and Lunch Prices for the 2019-20 school year
  14. Approved the Collective Bargaining Agreements between Muscatine Community School District and the Council of AFSCME Local 1560 for the Secretary, Clerical, Aide and Paraeducator Units, the Bus Driver Unit and the Custodial/Maintenance Unit.
  15. The non-union salary adjustment agenda item was tabled.
  16. Updates were given regarding the McKinley Elementary Project and the MHS Science/STEM Project.
  17. The upcoming meetings and events were announced:
    1. April 19, 2019: No School/Non-Contract Day
    2. April 22, 2019: No School/Teacher Inservice
    3. April 28, 2019: Excellence in Education Scholarship Ceremony; 1 PM; MHS Commons
    4. May 13, 2019: Regular School Board Meeting; 7 PM; City Hall
  18. The meeting adjourned at 8:36 p.m.