Friday, February 26, 2016

This Week in Our Schools - 2/22 - 2/26

Scroll down to view pictures of students and staff engaged in learning this past week throughout our district! We have a lot of exciting learning opportunities happening district-wide!

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Elementary and middle school students performed at the Young Musicians Honor Band at Cedar Rapids Prairie. (Garrett Head, Carter Ohl, Karena Jenson, Laura Comstock, Isaac Zollars and Gabby Lingle)

GT girls in 4th through 7th grades were invited to visit the Putnam museum for "Introduce a Girl to Engineering" day.  The students enjoyed a Science center, hands on activities and the movie Robots on the IMAX screen.  Thank you to the Putnam Museum for hosting this incredible event!

Gifted and Talented students in 4th through 8th grade had the opportunity to work with author Delia Ray on Tuesday, February 23 in a writer's workshop.


Colorado students got to hear author Delia Ray speak!

Colorado 4th grade students enjoyed symphony day at the Adler in Davenport.

First graders in Mrs. Noll's class were introduced to dental health!

Mrs. Hines Kindergarten students worked on counting objects by ones and identifying a set of 10.  Students were given pictures of objects to count out using their egg carton "ten frame" and then recorded their answers.  If the object was a set of ten, then students colored in the picture of their object on their recording sheet. 


Franklin 2nd graders got to enjoy a limo ride and pizza party as part of the Major Saver fundraiser campaign.


Grant Students Abi - Gabby - Hunter were Live on 95.1 w/ Tony-Tone! They talked about the Leader in Me and Grant's Leadership Day. They did GREAT! Check out the article!

The Freedom Winds from the US Air Force Bands of the MidWest performed at Grant Elementary.

5th grade cello players at Grant prepare their concert music. Their audience for the day, Rocco, Grant's therapy dog.


Here is Mrs. Reifert's Tier 2 group working on 95% skills!  They are building proficiency!

Jefferson 3rd graders in class with Mr. Loos practice using CultureGrams Kids Edition, an online database from


Madison School students are treated to a limo ride and pizza party for selling Major Saver Cards.

Mrs. Ales and Mrs. Godden-Alloway enjoy the treat as well!


Students in Mrs. Hepker's class enjoyed reading as part of the Accelerated Reader program.


Mrs. Evans' kindergarteners enjoyed reading in the library and with their 3rd grade buddies from Mrs. Benninger's class.


7th and 8th grade gifted and talented students from West and Central competed in the regional MathCounts competition at Stanley Consultants today.  These students are going to the State competition on April 1, 2016.  Of the eight students going to state, seven are Muskies!  Way to go Muskies!!!


Mrs. Truitt and Mrs. Garland's classes worked on communication skills through the game "land mine."


Delia Ray is an author from Iowa City who has written several nonfiction and historical fiction books. Her most recent novel, Finding Fortune was published in 2015 and takes place in the fictional town of Fortune, which was inspired by Muscatine and our pearl button history. Several high school classes, including Honors English 9, Pre-Ap English, Writer's Workshop, ESL, and the 9th grade Academy attended the hour-long presentation.

Members of the China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra performed during class for the MHS 10-12 grade orchestra.
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Mrs. Johnson's ELL students took a field trip to Muscatine Community College to see the campus and talk about post-secondary opportunities.


Some MCSD Model Teachers attended their final night of Differentiated Instruction training. Eight district CPDLs and ICs led this three night training. Model Teachers are planning how to share their learning with their buildings.

Middle School Science and Math teachers, ICs and CPDLs collaborated to design, build and test a water filtration system. They spent time planning together to make connections between science and math standards.