Sunday, December 18, 2016

This Week in Our Schools: 12/12 - 12/16/16

This will be the last post for 2016! Check back January 6, 2017 for our next edition!

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Featured this week:

  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Dalbey and Mrs. Noll's Classes.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Calderon and Mrs. Meyers' English Learning Classes.
  • Franklin Elementary: Student Leadership Team.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Weeks' 5th Grade Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Holder's 5th Grade Art Class.
  • Grant Elementary: Ms. Sulzberger/Mrs. Dusenberry's 1st Grade Class.
  • Grant Elementary: Annual Student-led Craft Fair!
  • Grant Elementary: Mrs. Paul's 4th Grade Class.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Mrs. Kisner's Preschool Class.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Mrs. Randleman's 3rd Grade Class.
  • Madison Elementary: Mrs. Eserhaut's P.E. Class.
  • Madison Elementary: Preschoolers.
  • Madison Elementary: 4th Grade Math Class.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Mrs. Green's Kindergarten Class.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Mr. Carlson's 3rd Grade Class.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Finley News.
  • CMS: Orchestra Holiday Concert.
  • CMS: Mr. Edkin's 8th Grade Automation & Robotics Class.
  • CMS: Mrs. Calderon's English Learning Class.
  • CMS: Mrs. Mrosko and Mrs. Haight's Classes.
  • CMS: Culture Fair.
  • CMS: Mrs. Christenson's 7th Grade ELA Class.
  • CMS: Rock Orchestra.
  • WMS: Mrs. Moeller's 7th Grade Honors Math Class.
  • WMS: Mr. Yerington's 6th Grade Science Class.
  • WMS: 7th & 8th Grade Musically-Gifted Students with J.M. James.
  • WMS: Mrs. Matteson's 6th Grade ELA Class.
  • WMS: 6th Graders and the Quad City Mallards!
  • MHS: Ms. Phillips' ESL Class.
  • MHS: Muskie Band News.
  • MHS: Muskie Boys' Basketball News.
  • District-Wide Staff: Mulberry Teachers.
  • District-Wide Staff: School Board Members Earn Award.
  • District-Wide Staff: Colorado's Building Leadership Team.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Board Briefs for Monday, December 12, 2016 Regular Board Meeting

The Muscatine Schools' Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, December 12, 2016 at 7 PM at City Hall in Council Chambers. Those members present: Tim Bower, John Dabeet, Randy Naber, and Mary Wildermuth. Absent: Tammi Drawbaugh, Aaron Finn, and Nathan Mather. Also present: Superintendent Jerry Riibe and Director of Finance Tom Anderson.
  1. The student council was not available for their report due to school conflicts.
  2. Ashley Mohror, Heather Trego, Dave Hartman, Joy Schrock, and Dixie Luna were honored with December's Employee Recognition Awards. They were nominated by their peers for going above and beyond on a continual basis for students, staff, and parents. 
  3. The board held a public hearing on the sale of Washington Elementary. There were no oral or written comments.
  4. No one spoke during Citizens Speak.
  5. The consent agenda was approved which included:
    1. Minutes of November 14, 2016 Regular Session.
    2. Employment Recommendations
      1. New Hires - Certified Staff: Crystal Pottebaum, Spanish Teacher at MHS.
      2. Resignations - Certified Staff: Heather Benninger - 3rd Grade Teacher at Mulberry (at end of 2016-17 school year); Robert Rhum - Spanish Teacher at MHS (at end of semester).
      3. New Hires - Schedule C: Mike Truitt - MHS Track.
      4. Resignations - Schedule C: Colin Hagerty - MHS Wrestling.
    3. Policy 503.2 Anti-bullying-Anti-harassment.
    4. Bills and Claims against the district dated 12/12/16.
  6. Approved the following policies:
    1. 501.5 Elementary and Middle School Transfers
    2. 501.6 Non-resident Tuition
    3. 501.9 Approval of Open Enrollment Transfers – DELETE
    4. 501.11 Private Instruction
    5. 501.12 Dual Enrollment
    6. 501.13 Student Transfers In
    7. 501.14 Student Transfers Out or Withdrawals – NEW
    8. 501.15 Resident Students – NEW
    9. 501.16 Pregnant Students – NEW
    10. 501.17 Students of Legal Age – NEW
    11. 502.6 Student Drug, Tobacco, Alcohol Offenses
    12. 502.7 Search and Seizure
    13. 503.1 Non-discrimination Students – DELETE
    14. 503.10 Care of School Property – NEW
    15. 503.4 Interviews with Students 
  7. The board approved the Resolution of Support: Promise of Iowa Public Education and watched a video from Promise Iowa.
  8. Approved the Resolution for the Sale of Washington Elementary.
  9. Director of Finance Tom Anderson reviewed the financials for the month of November.
  10. Announcements/Meetings/Events:
    1. December 21, 2016 - 2-hour early dismissal.
    2. December 22-January 2, 2017 - Winter Break - NO SCHOOL.
    3. January 3, 2017 - School Resumes; 2nd Semester Begins.
    4. January 9, 2017 - School Board Meeting; 7 p.m.; City Hall.
  11. The meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

Friday, December 9, 2016

This Week in Our Schools: 12/5 - 12/9/2016

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Featured this week:

  • District-Wide: Elementary Gifted and Talented.
  • Grant: Ms. Hull's Preschool Class.
  • Grant: Mrs. Morton's 2nd Grade Class and Mr. Valenzuela's 5th Grade Class.
  • Grant: Student Leadership Team at KWPC.
  • Jefferson: Mrs. Reichert's 1st Grade Reading Class.
  • Jefferson: Mrs. Reifert's 2nd Grade Class.
  • Jefferson: Snowy Recess Fun!
  • Madison: Sound Tapes.
  • McKinley: Mrs. Strouf's 1st Grade Class.
  • McKinley: Student Leadership Raises Money for Staff and Students.
  • Mulberry: Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Buddies.
  • Mulberry: Mrs. Evans' Kindergarten Class.
  • Mulberry: Introducing Finley!
  • Mulberry: Raffle Ticket Winners!
  • CMS: 8th Grade Honors English Language Arts Classes.
  • CMS: Mr. Edkin's 8th Grade Automation and Robotics Class.
  • CMS: Musical Students with Visiting Musician J.M. James.
  • MHS: Mr. Schmelzer's Transition Class.
  • MHS: Girl's Bowling - Ragan Carey.
  • MHS: Muskie Baseball Players Give Back to the Community.
  • MHS: Campus Tours - DMACC and Grandview College.
  • MHS: Happy Birthday to the Mighty Muskie Band!
  • District-Wide Staff: December Employee Awards!

Friday, December 2, 2016

This Week in Our Schools: 11/28 - 12/2/16

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Featured this week:

  • Colorado: Mrs. Hines' Kindergarten Class.
  • Colorado: Mrs. Yahn's 3rd Grade Class with CMS 6th Graders!
  • Jefferson: Miss Williams' 3rd Grade Art Class (Mrs. Todd's Class).
  • Jefferson: American Education Week Balloon Launch!
  • Jefferson: Miss Williams' 5th Grade Art Students.
  • Madison: Perfect Attendance Award Winners!
  • Madison: 1st Grade Readers.
  • Mulberry: Mrs. Story's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Class.
  • CMS: Social Studies Classes with special guest John Dabeet.
  • CMS: Blue Zones Tye-Dye Event.
  • CMS: Ms. Christenson's Environmental Action Club.
  • WMS: Mrs. Ortega's and Mrs. Plemmons' Science Class.
  • WMS: Mr. Kvapil's Computer Technology Class.
  • MHS: Mr. Thoma's Orchestra Students.
  • MHS: Mr. Muscatine 2016!
  • MHS: Bags of Blessings and MHS Work Experience Students.
  • District-wide Staff: Bridgestone/Bandag's Classroom of the Quarter Grant Recipient!