Friday, February 19, 2016

This Week in Our Schools - 2/16 - 2/19

Scroll down to view pictures of students and staff engaged in learning this past week throughout our district! We have a lot of exciting learning opportunities happening district-wide!

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Students in Ms. Yahn's 3rd grade class enjoyed Read and Feed!

and.... wanted to tell everyone "Happy February!"
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Ms.Skidmore's kindergarten reading class students used teamwork to build three letter works!

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Mrs. Dusenberry's 1st grade class used different colored legos to represent different sounds in a word while learning word patterns during their 95% lesson.

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Students in Mrs. Reifert's 2nd grade class worked on geometry in their math rotations.

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Students in Mrs. Zitzow's kindergarten class enjoyed playing in the snow at recess!

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Kindergarten students in Ms. Skidmore's reading class are practicing coloring by sight words.
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2nd grade students in Ms. Skidmore's reading class are practicing their fluency during Six Minute Solutions!
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This year, the students and staff at Mulberry have been focusing our mindsets.  We used to think that our intelligence was fixed - meaning we were either smart, or we were not.  Scientists have proven again and again that this is simply not true. Our students are striving to have a growth mindset.  That means that they embrace challenges, give their best effort, learn from feedback, become inspired by other people’s successes, and believe their intelligence can change through hard work.  

To celebrate our growth mindsets, Muskie Boys Basketball team members took time out of their busy schedules to talk about goal setting and hard work.  Players visited classrooms and read the story Dream Big by Deloris Jordan.  It is a story about Michael Jordan and his dream to play basketball in the Olympics.  The players also talked about all the hard work and practice that it takes to be a basketball player.  Then students shared and wrote their own big dreams on papers that are posted around the school. 

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Mr. Carlson's 3rd graders built water wheels to investigate the power of water.


Washington kindergarteners learn by having fun!

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Miss Jacobs' 3rd grade intervention group learned about autobiographies and then made their own!

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Mr. Ales and a couple of young men show their support of wearing the color pink!


Miss Wiebe's 6th grade ag students learned about different species of animals and presented their findings to their peers.

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Miss Wiebe's 7th grade ag students learned how to take care of horses.

Miss Walgren's 7th grade math class worked on multistep equations using Plickers to answer the questions.  

Book Battle and Book Bowl students are feeling the push!  Middle school stats: The 19 - 8th graders have read 55 books, the 34 -7th graders have read 76 books, and the 30- 6th graders have read 78 books.  The total books read for battle so far = 219 and we have many weeks to go until the battle.

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Ms. Hawkinson's Intro to Engineering Design students used 3-D modeling software to create either traditional or non-traditional chess pieces as a group.  These pieces were then printed using a 3-D printer.  One group even made Nordic themed pieces complete with Thor's hammer, a Viking ship and others.

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Mrs. Joslyn's AP Physics class explained AP concepts to potential AP students.

Miss Wiebe's Ag students washed cattle!

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Congratulations to the MHS Jazz Ensemble in their 2nd place finish at the SE Polk Jazz Fest on Saturday, Feb. 13!  Today, Feb 19th, they will compete at the oldest jazz contest west of the Mississippi - Tallcorn at UNI in Cedar Falls. If you have chance to wish them good luck, please do!  As well as being the oldest, Tallcorn is the toughest competition they will attend.

Congratulations to our Muscatine FFA members on a good day at sub-districts!

Our welders: Jacob Miller and Tanner Gerard. 
For Conduct of Meetings: Lexi Donath, Trevor Paul, Breanna Coulter, Tyler Moeller, Freddy Scanchez, RJ Strong, and Skylar Tumlinson. 
Alternate to districts in Ag Sales- Nolan Osland.
Advancing to Districts: the Parliamentary Procedure team- Ryan Calvert, Kyle Tomlin, Kelsey Holladay, Summer Neece, John Brooks; Ag Broadcasting- Hunter Britton; Creed- Sarah McKillip; Job Interview- MaKayla Kellor; Prepared Public Speech- Alyssa Scholz; Extemporaneous Speech- Tiffany Tomlin.

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Mrs. Edkin's P.E. students practiced their archery skills.

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Grant teachers Gina Schliesman, Rachel Brisker, Jeanette Thompson, and Lisa Paul revitalized their passion by attending the 2016 Leader in Me Symposium in Kansas City, Missouri. They gained inspiration from keynote speakers, visited local Leader in Me schools, and learned best practices through breakout sessions.

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