Friday, February 12, 2016

This Week in Our Schools - 2/8 - 2/12

Scroll down to view pictures of students and staff engaged in learning this past week throughout our district! We have a lot of exciting learning opportunities happening district-wide!

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Preschoolers in Mrs. Eichelberger's class braved the weather this week by "bundling up" for their Winter Field Trip to Discovery Park. They visit each season to observe how the environment changes.

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Ms. Harder's kindergarteners love to eat their daily healthy snacks!

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Miss Clemens' kindergarteners celebrated 100 Days of School last week ...

...and this week they are celebrating Valentine's Day!

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Ms. Brisker's 1st graders were synergizing by helping one another find facts in their nonfiction books. They are preparing to write their own teaching books!

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Students at Jefferson celebrated 100 Days of School by mixing the upper grades with lower grades and rotating to different classrooms doing various 100 Day Activities.

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Three kindergarteners (Sadie, Madeline, and Isabella) were chosen by their teachers to attend the Leadership Luncheon. Teachers and Mr. Spies serve lunch to a group students each month that have been outstanding leaders at Jefferson.

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Mrs. Manjoine's Kindergarteners took a brain break by doing Yoga... 

...and had guest readers from 1st and 2nd grades (siblings to two of the kindergarteners)!

1st graders in Mrs. Strouf's class worked with reading teacher, Mrs. Paca, playing Sight Word Dominoes!
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2nd graders in Mrs. Chrz's class selected both fiction and nonfiction just-right books and settled down to read in the Jefferson Library.


3rd graders in Mr. Stewart's class were working on their growth mindset.

Mrs. Foxen's 5th grade art class worked on their power art session.


3rd graders in Mrs. Benninger's class are learning about water in their Water Investigation Unit for science.

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Students in Mrs. Sides' 4th and 5th grade intervention group enjoyed taking a reading break in the library.


Students in Mrs. Sturms' 6th grade reading class discussed Tuck Everlasting.

Ms. Walgren's 7th grade students participated in a scavenger hunt around CMS by solving one-step equations.

Ms. Wiebe's 7th grade ag class learned how to take care of lambs and got to hold three day-old baby goats at the Ag Learning Center!

Central gifted/talented students participated in the regional Future Problem Solving competition.  After writing for two hours, students created skits based on the future scene and action plan they developed.

Students in Miss Haight and Ms.Shepherd's class made fleece blankets for the U of I Children's Hospital.


Mrs. Ortega and Mrs. Plemmons' students celebrated the Chinese New Year by creating a dragon and parading throughout the school, complete with noisemakers and bubble wrap popping to simulate fireworks!


Mrs. Paulsen's French students welcomed four peers from France this week! They will be visiting for three weeks!

Muscatine High School hosted the IHSMA State Vocal Jazz Contest this past Monday, February 8. Muscatine's own Jazz Etc. performed and received a Division 1 (Superior) rating with two of the three judges scoring them just a point away from a perfect score.


MCSD teachers were continuing their Gradual Release of Responsibility class led by MBAEA consultants. Learning to create productive work groups will help them develop this strategy in their own classrooms.
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District mentors and beginning educators met on Thursday night to share learning projects. Sharing ideas  with other teachers is a high point of these collaboration events.
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Fourth and fifth grade math teachers from Mulberry, McKinley, Washington and Franklin met with Instructional Coaches, the elementary math CPDL, McKinley's principal and the AEA to observe a studio lesson, reflect upon ways to implement Best Mathematical Practices, and discuss how to use Number Talks to build fluency and deeper mathematical understanding within their classrooms.

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CMS Instructional Coach Liz Panther was awarded the Bandag Classroom of the Quarter Grant. Liz plans to use the $500 towards the purchase of a swivl for staff to utilize. Congratulations Liz!

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