Friday, January 22, 2016

This Week in Our Schools - 1/18-1/22

Scroll down to view pictures of students and staff engaged in learning this past week throughout our district! We have a lot of exciting learning opportunities happening district-wide!

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Students in Mrs. Baker's 1st grade class participated in an informational text scavenger hunt. They worked with a partner to find features of an informational text. 


Grant 5th Grade Band students are getting ready for their lesson.

Scrubby Bear visited Grant's kindergarten classrooms and talked about how to properly get rid of germs and stay germ-free.  Scrubby Bear shows kids how to properly wash and clean their hands and how to not spread germs. Scrubby Bear’s owner is Mrs. Kundel, the school nurse.


Madison's Family Reading Night was held on Tuesday, January 19th. The students ate lots of yummy soup and played different games with their families. The families had a ton of fun and the kids got to take home a free book! The games were then donated to classroom teachers for their indoor recess supplies.

2nd graders in Ms. Pedersen's class were learning about measuring.

The following Central and West students were chosen to participate in the South Eastern Iowa String Teachers Association Honors Orchestra! Students rehearsed all day last Saturday with the best orchestra students from our area and performed a concert in the evening.  Students who represented Muscatine were Zuzu Hartman, Taylor Stogdill, Tammy Garrido, Quincy Keele, Wayne Joseph, Lauren Lettington and Jasmine Bengtson.


Mr. Edkin's 7th grade Magic of Electrons students use snap circuits to further their understanding of electricity.


Mrs. Ortega and Mrs. Plemmons' science class created a giant model of the solar system with post it notes to visualize the distance of each planet from the sun.

Students in Mrs. Schroeder’s 7th grade science class are currently working on the circulatory system.  Here they are working on constructing a model of a heart.  Each student had a role: 1) Recorders were to write sentences of what they heard being said by students as they worked on the model; 2) Supply Manager was the only person who could get supplies from the crib; 3) Reporter was responsible for telling about the lab; and 4) the Task Master was responsible for keeping the group on task and limiting the sidebars. This was a great lab! Students were not told how to make the model, they had to work together to create the model!

Students in Ms. Matteson's 1st and 4th period English/Language Arts classes worked on recognizing how a few words in a story can create an image.

Students in Mrs. Golien's 7th grade P.E. class learned how to use an AED from members of the Monsanto Safety Team.

West Middle School Band Students Kirstin Osland, Lauren Lettington, Kylee Klimes, Brian Prusman, Madi Keller, Lauren Dirth and Rachel Wagner auditioned January 9th and were selected to perform in SEIBA Honor Band this Saturday January 23rd in Iowa City.   Brian also made all state and will perform again in May. 

Community volunteer (and past West Warrior) Caleb Mann helps students in West's Talented and Gifted program prepare for the Math Counts Competition. 
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Mr. Ruesch and Ms. Walsh's Biology students are working on group projects modeling protein synthesis.


Model teachers participated in differentiated instruction training with all levels to learn how to vary instruction to improve student learning.

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Grant teachers analyzed data, creating effective Tier 2 & Tier 3 groupings, and collaborated together in a positive PLC atmosphere.

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Elementary Teacher Leaders and Administrators met to discuss the components of a balanced literacy program, math curriculum, and instructional practices. They used this information to prioritize needs and professional learning opportunities for the 2016-17 school year.
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