Friday, August 26, 2016

This Week in Our Schools: 8/23 - 8/26/16

Featured this week:

  • Colorado Elementary: Grades K-5
  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Hines' Kindergarteners
  • Franklin Elementary: Miss Harder's Kindergarteners
  • Franklin Elementary: Miss Week's 5th Graders
  • Jefferson Elementary: Principal Spies and a New Jefferson Bear
  • McKinley Elementary: Mrs. Baars' and Mrs. Axtell's Classes
  • CMS 6th Grade New Muskie Day
  • CMS: Mrs. Randleman's Art Class
  • WMS: Ms. Bezdek's ELA Class
  • WMS: Ms. Matteson's 6th Grade ELA Class
  • East Campus: Mr. Falkena's Class
  • East Campus: Ms. Shepherd's Class
  • MHS: Marching Band at the Fall Kickof
  • MHS: Recycling Crew
  • MHS: FFA - State Fair Students
Click on the image below to see our students engaged in learning this past week.

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