Friday, April 27, 2018

This Week in Our Schools: April 23 - 27, 2018

Select the image below to see our students and staff in action This Week in Our Schools!

Featured this week:

  • District-wide Students
  • Colorado Elementary: Ms. Holder's 2nd Grade Art Students.
  • Colorado Elementary: Colorado's Annual Craft Fair.
  • Franklin Elementary: Miss Harder's Kindergarten Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Week's 5th Grade Class.
  • Grant Elementary: First Grade Field Trip.
  • Grant Elementary: 4th-5th Grade Battle of the Books.
  • Grant Elementary: Students Meet Webster the Duck.
  • Jefferson Elementary: STEAM Club.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Pig Kisses.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Spring into Reading Family Reading Night.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Mrs. Todd's 3rd Grade Class.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Fourth Graders Shine Bright.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Mrs. Manjoine's 5th Grade Class.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Jefferson's Graduating Seniors.
  • Madison Elementary: Mrs. Skidmores' Kindergarten Class.
  • Madison Elementary: Madison Music Makers.
  • Madison Elementary: Miss Lofgren's 2nd Grade Class.
  • Madison Elementary: Mrs. Shepherd's 5th Grade Class.
  • Madison Elementary: Madison Students Choose Kindness.
  • McKinley Elementary: Ms. DeVrieze's 4th Grade Class.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Riding for Success.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Ms. Vogeler's 1st Grade Class.
  • Central Middle School: 6th Grade Super Heroes!
  • Central Middle School: Choose Kind Over Cool.
  • Central Middle School: 6th Grade Book Battle.
  • Central Middle School: Ms. King's Pre-AP ELA Classes.
  • Central Middle School: Ms. Beale's 7th Grade Science Classes.
  • West Middle School:  Iowa Future Problem Solving Contest.
  • West Middle School: 7th Grade Student Recognition.
  • West Middle School: Mrs. Fox's and Mrs. Castillo's 8th Grade Science Classes.
  • Muscatine High School: MHS FFA.
  • Muscatine High School: MHS Drama and Music Departments Present Curtains the Musical.
  • Muscatine High School: Ms. Hirschfeld's Geometry Students.
  • Muscatine High School: AP Research Capstone Scholars.

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