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This Week in Our Schools - 1/11 - 1/15

Scroll down to view pictures of students and staff engaged in learning this past week throughout our district! We have a lot of exciting learning opportunities happening district-wide!

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A collaborative day of learning took place between the East Campus students and the K-5 students at Franklin. The students at East campus have created grade level projects to help the elementary students develop an understanding of healthy choices in eating and where food comes from.
  • Kindergarten learned about the water cycle and built their own classroom rain barrel.
  • 1st grade learned about planting and planted vegetables for their indoor greenhouse.
  • 2nd grade learned about healthy eating and how to prepare healthy snacks that are age-appropriate.
  • 3rd grade learned about the importance of composting and how nature recycles through worm composting. They built their own worm bins.
  • 4th grade learned about plotting by applying geometry concepts and using scale, ratio, and proportion. They practiced measurement and built their own garden plot.
  • 5th grade developed and created their own indoor greenhouse. They learned/performed some aspects of design and the engineering process.


Franklin's Family Reading (Farm) Night was held at the Muscatine Ag Center on Thursday, January 14th. It was a partnership with the high school agriculture program. High school students helped teach lessons on how pizza was made and animal care. The students got to do trivia and touch real, live animals! There were around 300 people in attendance. It was a great night!
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Miss Clemens' kindergarten students worked on "retelling a story" of The Mitten, by Jan Brett. Using a giant mitten, the students played the roles of the animals. (Retelling a story: I can retell a story using key details.)

Here are photos of Miss Clemens' class and their partnership with East Campus students. East Campus students taught them about the water cycle. They learned about rain barrels, condensation, and the water table.

Ms. Skidmore's 1st grade reading students practiced reading their consonant-vowel-consonant words and their nonsense words.


Davenport Community School District visited Grant School to learn more about The Leader in Me.  They visited classrooms, observed teachers, toured Grant School, listened to students share their Leadership/Data Notebooks, and had a Q & A with Grant teachers.
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In January,  Mrs. Dusenberry’s 1st grade class continues to focus on the importance of reading fluently, comprehension, and building stamina. In the picture below students are enjoying reading “good fit books” from the Grant library! Teachers are also VERY appreciative of the volunteers that come into their rooms everyday! Parent, Meghan Koehler helps support children's learning on a daily basis in our classroom!

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3rd graders in Mrs. Schliesman's class worked together as they learned about Native Americans.

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Mrs. Manjoine's kindergarteners are practicing how to measure in math...

and then Sharpening the Saw during Centers.
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Jefferson 3rd Grade Students played a nonfiction text matching game in Mrs. Todd's ELA (English/Language Arts) classroom.  The game consists of matching a nonfiction text feature picture with the definition, much like playing a game of memory. 

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Ms. Skidmore's kindergarten reading class created a letter book.


Ms. Pedersen's second graders practiced their vocabulary.


Mr. Carlson's 3rd grade class used thermometers they built to measure the temperature of water.
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Pictured below are students in Mulberry's 1st/2nd grade Math ClubMath Club students were to test two math ideas relating to sound:  the pitch and the volume.  In this picture they were testing the pitch by using straws in various depths of water to explore different noise levels.

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Ms. Sulzberger's 5th grade class worked on their planet projects.


Ms. Golien's 7th grade P.E. class learned how to do CPR. They were taught by the Monsanto Safety Team. Thank you, Monsanto!

Ms. Schneider's after school girls' group worked on team-building skills by making a tower.
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Ms. Matteson's 6th grade ELA classes (5th and 7th periods) worked on a review activity for theme, summary, episode, and character change, and ....

...participated in an activity inspired by the fountain of youth!

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Ms. Keltner, teacher librarian at MHS, kept the library open in the evening during finals week so students could use the library to study for finals. For using the library during these hours, students were rewarded with free popcorn! 

Congratulations to our MHS FFA Livestock Judging Team! Here are the results of the National Western Livestock Judging Contest that took place in Denver, Colorado recently: 
  • Sheep - Sam Burmeister, 7th, Reserve Champion team.
  • Swine - Tiffany Tomlin, 10th.
  • Cattle - Sam Burmeister, 7th, Alyssa Scholz - 3rd, Tiffany Tomlin - 2nd, Champion team.
  • Reasons - Alyssa Scholz - 8th, Tiffany Tomlin - 7th, 3rd high team.
  • Tiffany Tomlin - 8th high individual.
The team from Muscatine, Iowa is the 3rd overall team.
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Ms. Christensen's Geometry class at MHS derived the Pythagorean Theorem by discovering a visual proof using sticky notes as building blocks. Students experimented with the relationship between the areas from each side of a right triangle to understand how the side lengths relate to each other. 
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