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This Week in Our Schools 10/19 - 10/22

Scroll down to view pictures of students engaged in learning this past week throughout our district! We have a lot of exciting learning opportunities happening district-wide!

Table of Contents:

ELEMENTARY - 5th Graders
Fifth grade students had the opportunity to participate in activities tied to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at the Muscatine Ag Learning Center on October 14. The theme "Where Does Our Food Come From?" included stations such as corn dissection, biotechnology, light refraction, beekeeping, livestock care and much more. A big thank you to Monsanto, Iowa State Extension, and the high school Ag students for a great day of learning! (Return to Table of Contents)
Mrs. Hines Kindergarten class worked on a sorting and graphing activity.  The students were given a bag of bones (Cheetos skeleton pieces) to sort out and graph.  Then students were provided a skeleton template to label the parts of the skeleton. (Return to Table of Contents)

Mrs. Clemen's kindergarteners enjoyed a nice fall day by working on their Daily 5 word work outside and writing numbers to 20! (Return to Table of Contents)
Miss Dindinger's Begindergarten class at Grant School is studying pumpkins. They made predictions and then tested if a pumpkin would sink or float when put in water. (Return to Table of Contents)

Mrs. Abbott's Kindergarten class worked on their Daily 5 lesson. Daily 5 involves: Read to Self, Listen to Reading, Work with Words, Work on Writing, and Reading with Partners. The kindergarteners will begin Reading with Partners this Spring. Take a quick peak into their class through the following video: Classroom Video - Daily 5 Lesson - Mrs. Abbott's Class  (Return to Table of Contents)

Mr. Bakke gave a live owl presentation to Mr. Carlson's 3rd grade class. Then the class investigated owl pellets. What are owl pellets? Check HERE for information. It might surprise you! (Return to Table of Contents)

As part of their daily math lesson, students have three rotations. One is Math By Myself, another is Math Writing, and the third is Math With Someone. This picture shows students in Mrs. Steele's 5th grade class taking part in Math With Someone. When students have challenging problems to solve, it helps to have some friends to talk through the math problem to help solve it. (Return to Table of Contents)

Mrs. Hill, Mulberry Elementary's art teacher, dyed Mrs. Goodman's hair a rainbow of colors.  Mrs. Goodman challenged students that if they sold over $5,500 in raffle tickets for Mulberry's school carnival, she would dye her hair for the day.  To the student's delight, they sold over $5,800 worth of tickets, and now they get to see her colorful hair all day! (Return to Table of Contents)

Washington Family Gathering and Reading Night was held last Thursday, October 15th.  Families were able to listen to Mrs. Collins (from Musser Library) read. Students could read books and take an AR test for it. Once they tested and scored 80% or higher, they received a free book of their choice.  After the activities, the families were served a meal and had time to socialize.  Turnout was great and Washington loved having its families attend. (Return to Table of Contents)

Mrs. Mullikin's PLTW (Project Lead the Way) Energy & the Environment's 6th grade students are shown here working on their wind turbine: blade design project.They had to research, design, build, test, & calculate power produced throughout this project. (Return to Table of Contents)

Central Middle School 6th grade students attended Biz Town - Junior Achievement's on-site simulation of a town which includes a town hall, post office, bank, etc. is located in Davenport. Students then toured various local businesses and government entities to understand how the city of Muscatine operates. (Return to Table of Contents)

Central Middle School had their Masquerade Orchestra concert on October 13th  (West had theirs on October 15th.) They dressed up in costumes and played lots of spooky pieces some of which included: a scary story with sound effects, a piece based on Edgar Allen Poe’s “A Tell-Tale Heart," and the crowd favorite “Phantom of the Opera." All students did an amazing job and their hard work showed! (Pictures are from Central Middle School's concert.) (Return to Table of Contents)

Students in Mr. Yerington’s sixth grade science class studied how color affects solar water heaters. (Return to Table of Contents)

Ms. Meyer's 6th grade math students worked on finding the value of a ratio using skittles. (Return to Table of Contents)

Mrs. Schroeder's 7th grade science class had a guest speaker, Patti Fuller-Bloechl
Chemist - Lab Supervisor  with the Muscatine Water Pollution Control Plant, come and talk to the students about single cell micro-organisms. She brought with her what she calls "poo water" for the students to study. She required them to dress the part of how a chemist would have to dress in the real world when studying organisms by wearing gloves, goggles, and pulling long hair back. She talked about the educational requirements for becoming a chemist and about the Muscatine Water Pollution Control Plant--i.e. the cost, where and how they clean the water, etc.The most fun for the students was trying to spot a water bear amongst all of the microorganisms.  (Return to Table of Contents)

East Campus students carved pumpkins for the Muscatine County Conservation Board's 27th Annual Halloween Hike as one of their community projects. (Return to Table of Contents)

Members of the Agriculture 2 Soil Science class were able to get hands-on experience evaluating soil. Soil pits were dug so all students were able to participate and put their soil science knowledge to the test. In all, 80 students went through the practice pits and then were assessed on a final pit.  (Return to Table of Contents)

Ms. Hawkinson's PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design class created devices to launch cotton balls. They started by brainstorming ideas and then created a launcher with no more than 6 common items.  The cotton balls were launched 5 times with the length of the launch recorded.  The lengths will be used to discuss statistics, accuracy and precision.

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