Friday, November 6, 2015

This Week in Our Schools 11/2 - 11/6

Scroll down to view pictures of students and staff engaged in learning this past week throughout our district! We have a lot of exciting learning opportunities happening district-wide!

Table of Contents:


Mrs. Yahn's 3rd grade class discussing a good book.

5th graders in Mrs. Truitt's class learning about resumes and job searches. Sherry Miller from Bridgestone was the 5th grade instructor for Junior Achievement!

4th grade Colorado students in Mrs. Foxen's art class are working on radial weaving projects.

5th grade Colorado students in Mrs. Foxen's art class are working on a Van Gogh Landscape.  The linear quality of Van Gogh's paint is being worked on with some chalk pastels and oil pastel lines on top of the chalk.  


Mrs. McKee's 3rd grade class examined owl pellets and invited Superintendent Riibe to join them!

Students in Mrs. Hampton and Mrs. Hepker's classes participated in various learning activities.


Mrs. Nebergall's kindergarteners got to carve pumpkins for their Halloween party!

Mrs. Reifert's 2nd grade students synergize by working together on a collaborative poster!

Mr. Loos' 3rd graders enjoyed looking through owl pellets to see what the owl ate (below, top picture) and are loving their new library (below, bottom picture)!

Students loving their new library!

Various Jefferson students and classes. Below: Picture 1 is a student in Mrs. Strouf's 1st grade class demonstrating how to solve a math problem on their new technology. Picture 2 is Mrs. Strouf's class learning all about phonics. Picture 3 is 5th graders collaborating on a poster project. Pictures 4 and 5 are 2nd graders collaborating on a poster project. Picture 6 is Mrs. Seaba's WIN group showing how they know the difference between short and long vowels .


3rd graders from Madison Elementary are working on a continuous line owl in their art class.  The challenge of drawing these owls was to not lift their marker when drawing.  The variety of lines that they used on their work is awesome!


Ms. Pedersen's 2nd graders participated in #NationalSandwichDay. Students wrote "HOW TO MAKE A PBJ SANDWICH." Then, they made them as their directions were written in honor of Sandwich Day.

Also in Ms. Pedersen's class, students are "Reading with Someone" as part of their Daily 5 lesson.


Students in Mrs. Acker's 4th and 5th grade English Language Learner class showcasing their writing. Did you know that 16 foreign languages are spoken by our ELL population?


Miss Walgren's 7th grade math class worked on integers.


Mrs. Soy's 6th grade math classes combined ratio/unit review with fall fun!


PGA Golf Professionals Steve Hutton & Troy Christenson visited Mrs. Edkin's MHS PE Recreational Activities course, giving students an opportunity to learn from & practice with golf pros in the area.  The Iowa PGA Swings with Kids program is sponsored by the charitable Iowa PGA Foundation. The foundation has donated $8,900 dollars worth of equipment to schools in Muscatine County, including every elementary, middle, and high school in MCSD. 


Each fall, East Campus students go around the neighborhood volunteering to rake leaves for their neighbors. If neighbors, can and want to, they can donate canned goods to give to the Food Pantry. Recently, staff at East Campus received this kind note about their service project: "Yesterday a group of students was out in the area collecting food, and raking yards, this is not a complaint, but a Huge Thank You. You see I’m not able to get to do much because of a disability and my husband works long hours, so raking the yard was a huge help and a big surprise, and I wish I could have contributed more to the food drive and I will make sure to have more on hand for a future collection.  To the Staff that escorted them what a great Idea showing young adults about community pride and how such a gesture will mold our youths of today."  

Click here to see the recent Journal article about East Campus students and their service to their community:


Eight MCSD TLC members attended Differentiated Instruction training from BER in Chicago this week. They received support in how to provide professional learning for teachers in differentiating instruction to support all learners. Those attending were Cathy Kramer (High School Instructional Coach), Alison Anson (High School Instructional Coach), Amy Justus (Middle School Instructional Coach), Stephanie Zillig (Elem. Instructional Coach) and four Curriculum Professional Development Leaders (Kerri Tharp, Chanda Hassett, Laney Berry, & Ginger Dahms). 

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