Friday, November 20, 2015

This Week in Our Schools - 11/16 - 11/20

Scroll down to view pictures of students and staff engaged in learning this past week throughout our district! We have a lot of exciting learning opportunities happening district-wide!

Table of Contents:

District-Wide Elementary

Mrs. Spoto's 5th grade band rehearsal.

Franklin Elementary

Miss Clemens' kindergarten students were busy working on retelling stories using key details, retelling stories to a friend, Thanksgiving activities, and Word Work during Daily 5.

Grant Elementary

Rocco, Grant Elementary's therapy dog, wanted to show everyone how hard he works giving his students attention and love.

Jefferson Elementary

First grade students in Mrs. Strouf's class were 'student experts' while playing a making 10 math game.  Student experts play the game under the document camera to serve as a guide for the rest of the class.

Jefferson 3rd graders in Mrs. Todd's class were working on finding the moral of a fable. They used the QTEL strategy of jigsaw to share the fables and morals with the whole class.

Mrs. Klein's 5th grade math class worked on math in groups and also did "talk and share."

Madison Elementary

Miss Skidmore's kindergarteners are working hard on their letter sounds!

Students in Mrs. McGill's 3rd grade class are working together to find the locations of places in Muscatine. They were using the compass and map legend to help them find locations.

Miss Lofgren's 4th grade students are working on their Daily 5: reading to self, listening to reading, reading with someone, working on writing, and playing vocabulary games.

Ms. Connor's 5th grade class explored the concept of response time to a visual stimuli. The first picture shows students playing Slapjack, and the second picture shows students recording the data in their science notebooks.

McKinley Elementary

Mrs. Hill's 3rd and 5th grade students worked on name projects that followed the artist Matisse's work (3rd graders) and owl projects (5th graders).

Mulberry Elementary

Mr. Carlson's 3rd grade class measured length, mass, and liquid volume during a recent math lesson on adding and subtracting with estimates.

Mulberry Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in Mrs. Story's class went on a community field trip to the Muscatine Fire Department.

Mrs. Hill's 5th grade art class made paper cranes.

Washington Elementary

Mrs. Baars 2nd grade class performed their first reader's theater - the Ugly Pumpkin. It was a huge success!

Students in Mrs. Kiefer's 5th grade class used TrueFlix this week in social studies to research information about the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark. Each table group researched one chapter and used the main idea and supporting details (what the students are learning in English/Language Arts) to present the information to the rest of the class. 

Central Middle School

Mrs. Stogdill's 6th grade Gifted and Talented students prepared for their Science Bowl.

Mrs. Stogdill's 8th grade Gifted and Talented students attended the International Day Learning Opportunity in Coralville, Iowa.

Central's Student Leadership Group and Assistant Principal Ms. Dennison work on posters for upcoming events!

West Middle School

Students in Mrs. Schroeder's 7th grade science class have been working on the cell. They were given the task of creating a 3D cell from materials in class or if the creative side craved more, they could create a 3D model from materials at home. The round cells are representing the animal cell and the square or oblong are the plant cell. Each 3D model had to illustrate the different parts of the cell.

Muscatine High School

Students from Miss Ralston's Honors Geometry class created proportional models of their zip lines. 

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French IV students in Mrs. Paulsen's class created and acted in videos demonstrating in French how to drive and how to utilize a service station.  The students then voted, and C├ęsar Awards (the French equivalent of an Oscar) were given for best actor/actress/film/editing/music/script.

Students present an Economics Consultant project on the Cattle Industry. The project is a collaborative research project between teachers Abbey Goodale (Economics) and Jen Keltner (Teacher-Library).

District-Wide Staff

Eighth grade science and math teachers together with ICs and CPDLs collaborated to design and test catapults in order to learn better how to integrate science and math.

MCSD teachers practiced effective questioning during their Gradual Release of Responsibility class using the Heads Up! app.

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